Finance and Accounting jobs in Atlanta at United Parcel Service
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About Finance and Accounting Jobs at UPS

UPS has become the world's largest package delivery company and a leading global provider of specialized transportation and logistics services. From down the block, to around the world, UPS team members strive to deliver best-in-class services to billions of customers and businesses, each and every day.

It’s a diverse team of individuals who bring their passion to bear on our mission. Together we build and offer innovative new ways to make global commerce work better, from complex international distribution networks to local business deliveries.

As a world-leader, UPS constantly seeks out the best and brightest professionals to join our team. Individuals like you, who are seeking a job in Finance and Accounting with a company whose reliability is second to none. Unmatched growth opportunities and benefits are just the beginning of how UPS can make the world work better for you.

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Earn & Learn Program

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Since 1999, UPS has paid out more than $47 million in tuition assistance and has helped more than 30,000 student employees attend college. In addition to providing generous tuition assistance and loan benefits, UPS spends about $300 million a year on employee training programs.

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Recent Jobs

Advance Analytics Intern - Atlanta, GA
Description: Job Summary The Advanced Analytics Intern analyzes data and assists with the development of new reports. He/She provides data to senior and mid level management to assist with evaluating UPS human capital, and analyze and forecast data to address solutions for a successful business plan. The Intern organizes data in various formats (e.g. graphs, charts, etc.) to meet requestor’s needs, and reviews report information...
Reference Code: 201056760
Sr. Programmer - Atlanta, GA
Description: Job Summary The Senior Programmer is responsible for translating requirements into program specifications and writing moderate-to-complex programs for Business Information Analysis (BIA) applications. He/She develops, executes, and analyzes unit test plans and is responsible for ongoing support and maintenance of applications. This position acts as an applications and business content coding subject matter expert linking ...
Reference Code: 201056929
Sr. Programmer Analyst - Atlanta, GA
Description: Senior Programmer Analyst Are you looking to launch your Information Technology career? If so, then UPS is the place for you! UPS is now recognized as a technology company spending more than $1 billion a year on information technology. Business Information and Analysis (BIA) is currently seeking career-minded individuals to join our team. If you are highly motivated with a degree in Computer Science or related discipline,...
Reference Code: 201058709