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UPS, the world's leading provider of logistics, has aggressively expanded freight and other transportation solutions through a series of strategic acquisitions - including LTL and truckload freight services. UPS Freight, one of the largest less-than-truckload carriers in the United States and a leading truckload service provider, serves customers throughout North America.

We offer a very competitive compensation package and have opportunities nationwide for Owner-Operators. Interested Owner-Operators may complete the Independent Contractor Driver Qualification Form or contact UPS Freight Owner-Operator recruiting at 800-254-5444. UPS Freight is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Opportunities for Owner-Operators

Get in the ground floor - Join an industry leader. We offer a very competitive compensation package and have opportunities nationwide.

The majority of our Owner-Operators’ runs consist of picking up full van trailers at one of the UPS Freight Service Centers and running them to another UPS Freight Service Center. At that point, they will drop the loaded trailer and hook to another full load or empty trailer. If empty, the driver may be asked to pick up a truckload shipment at a shipper in the area. Our goal is to dispatch Owner-Operators back to their home terminal approximately every ten days to two weeks.

Our primary operating area is the eastern half of the US and to California. The northern plains states aren’t frequent destinations for us, although we do go there. We do service a few locations in New England but we do not go to NYC. Owner-Operators are not assigned to terminals. They are assigned a dispatcher located in UPS Freight’s General Office in Richmond, Virginia.

Driver Qualifications
  1. Minimum age 23 1/2
  2. Minimum 1 year experience driving tractor trailer combination
  3. No more than 2 moving violations in the last 3 years
  4. No accidents or other serious deficiencies involved in the 2 moving violations
  5. No DUI or drug/alcohol test refusal in last three years
  6. Must have HazMat endorsement
  7. No license suspension for moving violations or DUI during past 3 years

Truck Requirements
  1. Must be able to scale 45k of freight in a dry van trailer
  2. 10 years old or newer
  3. 5th wheel height not more than 49 inches above the ground
  4. Weight not to exceed 19,500 lbs with fuel tanks one-half full
  5. Must have an annual DOT inspection less than 90 days ago
  6. Must pass our shop inspection on day of orientation
  7. Must be a tandem axle tractor with a sleeper

Owner-Operators: Discover the UPS Practical Difference

At UPS safety means everything to us. UPS Freight pays its Owner-Operators for “Practical Miles” which makes a big difference in how much you get paid for your actual haul. It might be longer but it’s faster, safer and you’ll get paid more. Practical miles are the routes that are best for a Big truck to take. Other shipping firms may offer a higher mileage rate which seems like a better deal but they pay based on Shortest Distance Miles. They often take Big trucks through smaller towns on less than practical roads which is time-consuming and can be unsafe. Practical miles could be mostly modern interstate highways, but longer mile-wise -- while shortest routes could be over those small gray lines in a road atlas, which usually takes longer time-wise.

Automatic Deposit Of Funds Within Two Days Of Submitting Paperwork
Orientation will take one full day. We will pay you $400.00 for successfully attending the full orientation. Owner-Operators are issued Comdata Cards with multiple purposes. The first purpose is to provide you the ability to purchase fuel at the pump if you choose to use the Card for this purpose. The charges will then be charged to your settlement account. The second purpose is to provide you the ability to obtain cash to pay for tolls; this amount will be deducted from your settlement account. The third purpose is to enable you to receive funds from your Comdata settlement account where UPS Freight will deposit your compensation for completed trips. Only you – or another person whom you’ve given your PIN number to – can remove the money from your Comdata account.

The fourth purpose of the Comdata Card is to allow the Owner-Operator to purchase diesel fuel at UPS’s discounted price at select truckstops. You’ll also be able to direct deposit your funds from your Comdata account directly into your checking account. You can also withdraw your money at an ATM or simply write a Comchek.

UPS Freight will provide you with Trippak envelopes for you to send in your paperwork. Once we receive your properly completed paperwork, including your properly completed logs and other documents, we will process the paperwork for that trip, deduct your expenses and then deposit your net compensation into your Comdata account within two business days. Each Friday, we will supply you with a current Settlement Statement.

Climb On-board UPS’s Owner-Operator Referral Program!
UPS Freight will pay you $1,000.00 for each Owner-Operator team you recruit for us. You will receive $250.00 when they sign on and another $750.00 once they are running for us for 90 days.

When you recruit a single owner-operator for us, UPS Freight will pay you $500.00. You will receive $150.00 when they sign on and an additional $350.00 once they are on for a period of 90 days.